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25 Jun 2015 17:16

Teignbridge District Council is inviting people to give their views on how best to enhance one of Dawlish's assets.

Teignbridge is keen to improve Boat Cove so it can attract even more visitors and is holding a drop-in session to hear what people think.

As part of this process Teignbridge is hosting a drop in session between 4pm and 8pm on Tuesday 30 June at the Manor House, Old Town Street, Dawlish.



25 Jun 2015 17:26

Get rid of all the grotty boats that haven't moved for years. Clear the unsightly seaweed that gathers there. Add some seating on the sea wall. 


There you go, don't need to waste time on a meeting...

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elvis presley
elvis presley
25 Jun 2015 19:56

That's  not how it works OurSoul.

First  they must have a meeting and form a sub committee.

From this they then appoint a working party to investigate the  best  options.

They then report back their  findings to the sub committee,  who in turn report to a full Council meeting, while they all sit around eating choccy biscuits, drinking tea and scatching their arseholes

Then finally, nothing gets done.

Really,  OurSoul, you know nothing about well tested Council procedures. 


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25 Jun 2015 19:59

What utter tosh Elvis!















They prefer Hobnobs...

elvis presley
elvis presley
25 Jun 2015 20:18


27 Jun 2015 11:58

I agree with 'oursoul' clean up the biggest asset Dawlish has. It is full of stinking seaweed and rotting jelly fish - it is not a pleasant place to be in the hot weather!  Even puts me off my choccy biscuits .....I am a responsible dog owner, I walk where I am allowed on all beaches and I pick-up when necessary. I walk all year round, wind rain etc... I therefore put money into anything thats open throughout the year, tea, coffee, cakes, meals, chips ices etc.....however as soon as the nice weather arrives I am no longer allowed to walk at Coryton Cove & Im restricted to groynes 3-6 at the Warren, these are even worse for filth! I was amazed to see they had retained their blue flag status for a clean beach???!!!


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