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How to post a hyperlink on this website

27 Feb 2015 11:16

For info: this is what I do so that readers can just click on a hyperlink rather than having to copy and paste it

I copy whatever hyperlink it is I want to paste on here. BUT before I paste here I open up a Microsoft Office Word page and then paste the link onto there. Then I press return on the keyboard and hey presto the link becomes, what I call 'activated' (no doubt there is a technical term for it but I don't know what it is).

Anyhow, then copy this link and paste it on here and you should then have a link that will take us to wherever it is it takes us without our having to cut and paste it and then do a search on it.

Hope I haven't confused anyone.


27 Feb 2015 11:52

Have you never wondered what all these buttons do?


27 Feb 2015 12:33

No. I am completely and utterly non technical/technological. 

But now we all have two ways of doing it.


Judith Chalmers
Judith Chalmers
27 Feb 2015 14:59

This post has been removed due to too many reports.

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