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Dawlish Flood Relief Fund

Judith Chalmers
Judith Chalmers
21 Nov 2014 18:18

My soul was uplifted this afternoon when I read that the people of Dawlish, the Town Council, and local businesses and organisations had in total raised £26,591.69 for this fund. 

I'm sure that all 44 claimants are grateful for our generosity.

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21 Nov 2014 18:27

I'm sure that they are, and I know that it did many of the rest of us the power of good to have the opportunity to work together to help others.  


Those were dark days with the sea front closed off and Marine Parade railings destroyed.  It was a dreadful shock to see the world changed overnight, pulling together to help others was a powerful antidote to that feeling of helplessness when the news was all of Dawlish disaster.



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