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Heavy snow in Dawlish

elvis presley
elvis presley
25 Sep 2014 10:36

With the prospect of cheaper electricity  and a  greener source of supply, I enquired about free solar panels.

The gentleman from the company came,   spent two hours , taking photos, looking in  the loft using  a compass etc and then signed me up.

I received a phone call from him last night , he told me that they wouldn't be fitting them on my roof. The stuctual engineer  had said that in the event of heavy snow, it would accumulate  in the box gutter where the conservatory joins the house and the roof could collapse ruining the panels, which he said were insured anyway. I hope the structual engineer makes sure that it is porridge he eats for breakfast.

TDC get the snow ploughs serviced.

2 Agrees
25 Sep 2014 22:14

You might just be right about snow Elvis, my neighbour has just added his contribution to climate change by filling up his back garden with loadsa loadsa logs ready for the big freeze he is anticipating.


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