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Dishonest Charity Shops

06 Jun 2014 22:21

After the groundbreaking statement during the winter floods when the organisation representing at least twenty of the UKs leading charities stated that they would not be helping with the flood relief efforts as the people of Somerset where generally wealthy and able to sort out their own problems.

A member of my team has now uncovered another scam tatic being used by at least one  charity and posibly more.

They are using their volunteers to scan the freecycle and free offer facebook pages to apply for and collect free goods, these are then being valued classified and distributed around their shop networks.

This is deception not charity and is totally against the concept of freecycling they are in effect nothing short of legal thieves.

With this in mind and other topics on here discussing the viabilities of Town centres, would a good starting point on regeneration be to rid our towns of these so called charity shops. Im not talking about the smaller local ones run in aid of local charities like the Donkey sanctury, but the national chains which spend most of the money they raise abroad.

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