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Anyone seen this ! on Eye's Dawlish by Helen

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
07 Mar 2014 22:33

Just noticed in back of Dawlish post tonight a temporary prohibition order covering the footpath on the sea wall towards coryton cove from march 15 to sept 20 .does this effectively mean that part is closed until sept ? Alternative route is given as marine parade I'm just wondering how this will affect beach access ,airshow day etc , not to mention the beach businesses , boat trips cafes etc, I understand the safety aspect completely ,
So I'm not having a moan ! They are doing a brilliant job !

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Michael Clayson Hi Helen, the notice come as news to me, but I can assure you that everyone wants public access to the beach sooner rather than later. I will investigate but I suspect that if a six month period has been specified it is simply to ensure that they don't have to keep reissuing an order. I will find out more next week.

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07 Mar 2014 23:57



just to confirm that I have submitted an information request.   It is quite normal to issue long dated orders when the exact end of works date can't be specified, otherwise you waste a lot of money reissuing statutory notices every time there is a small over run.   I hope that this is what is happening here.

10 Mar 2014 14:46


@Michaelclayson. I  heard on Spotlight today that the sea wall is closed until september. It did not say if it was the whole length or not.  

10 Mar 2014 15:35

I understood it was the whole length to enabling the rebuilding of the wall

10 Mar 2014 17:09

I have now had the following from Devon County Council


The 6 month period stipulated in the closure notice is a standard time period used for any closure that is likely to be more than a couple of weeks.  In other words, its entirely routine formulation of a notice


Network Rail has not yet given a schedule for the works, so there is no suggestion from Network Rail that it will be 6 months. 


Devon County (Along with Teignbridge) are making it abundantly clear to Network Rail that it is imperative to get the beach and sea wall open as soon as possible. 

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