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The M5

22 Feb 2014 13:09

What a state for a major road.Somone will get killed especially a morcyclist.The potholes along its length would do credit to any third world country and is a total embarrassment.

The Road and rail networks for the West are in serious need of funding. 


22 Feb 2014 13:28

Devon County Council stated the other week that the bill for repairing Devons road network would be around £750 million. This is due to years of neglect in the past and diversion of funds into other projects like stupid cycle paths and building unwanted houses at Cranbrook.

They are now talking about moving out of County Hall because the upkeep is around £1.5 million a year. What they fail to tell is how much it will cost to move.

Why do they never talk about getting rid of the past retirement age councillors, who seem to do very little about things like highways.

4 Agrees
22 Feb 2014 13:37

Totally agree but what happens to the billions of Road Tax Mot Petrol 

tax.By definition the road tax money is being diverted and here in the West the HS2

project is not important.All the West M.P's should get off their asses and start rebelling.


22 Feb 2014 14:48

Do you not find it funny that when the railway line needs repairing every man and his dog appears on the scene within a couple of days. Millions of pounds worth of men and machines from all over the country with money no object.

However when a stretch of the A379 needs resurfacing it takes for ever to plan, its done as cheap as posible with as little as posible and is then ignored for years.

What they have and will spend on the railway which one day will be closed down anyway will never be matched on the roads.

How about the Kenton and Starcross by-pass and a road bridge over to Exmouth being built.

As for MPs and local councillors there all about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike unless the hospitality is free or they can get their faces on the gogglebox

22 Feb 2014 19:52

There is no such thing as road tax



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