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Boy Band

elvis presley
elvis presley
28 Jan 2014 19:34

I am in the process of forming  a boy band, three members are sought with the following qualifications.

Minimum age 70 and must be able to stand on the stage for a minimum of four minutes unsupported and try to remember the lyrics.

Incontinence, will I'm afraid be a barrier, but is open for disscusion.

Dance routines will be kept to a minium, but   I do need a  good choreographer.

A world tour is planned so the succesful applicants must be able to endure, excesses of drugs ( not statins), groupies and still being awake at ten thirty pm.

Interested parties may audition at the TI on Friday night.

If anyone can come up for  a suitable name for the band please. There is already,   a  Gerry and The Hat Tricks.

28 Jan 2014 20:33

Have you given up that job working at the chip shop, Elvis?

elvis presley
elvis presley
28 Jan 2014 20:36

I was caught with my fingers in the fish fryer, she was sacked as well.

2 Agrees
28 Jan 2014 21:31

Start your search in the co-op on the Strand

elvis presley
elvis presley
01 Feb 2014 11:33

Thanks to all who turned up for auditions last night.  Alas though, I don't think on balance I am able to  continue.  

My sympathy goes out to the family of the gentleman who collapsed and died , one third of the way  through, "Bat Out Of Hell". It was regretable that no one was prepared to offer mouth to mouth though.

Apologies to the Landlady as well , I  had no knowledge that the gentleman had a commode with him and had used it,  until a short time afterwards.

The incident wth the dribble on the microphone was also regretable, but  I understand  that the gent involved only sustained second degree burns and should recover in time.

Sorry as well to the gang of young girls in the corner, who received a Savileing from three elderly gentlemen during the course of the evening.

Back to the drawing board.


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