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Eggs Thrown at Passing Motorists

04 Jan 2014 09:33

There have been a total of 6+ reports of someone throwing eggs at passing motorists on the A379 between Kenton and Exminster.

One vehicle registration number of possible culprits have been reported.

04 Jan 2014 12:34

@ZIGGY. when they get caught you could say that the yolk will be on them. i know a serious post ziggy but i could not resist it. i cannot imagine that dawlish youths could be involved.   

04 Jan 2014 20:12

You would think that people could find something better to do . . .

Just remember though, if you get hit by and egg and it lands on your windscreen, do not use your wipers, it will smear the egg all over your screen and make seeing difficult. Stop at the first safe opportunity and wipe it off with clean cloth or tissue.

Don't risk an accident, that's probably just what the mindless twits want to happen.

Please be careful out there . . . 

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05 Jan 2014 21:16

Maybe they think its eggciting, do you think 6 reports maybe an eggsageration. Maybe the report has been scrambled in translation, be careful no one poaches this thread, I bet the drivers were boiling mad.

My opologies for eggsploiting your thread.smiley

Is my post a little eggstreme ?

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