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Let this be a lesson for those on job seekers benefits....

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
06 Dec 2013 17:49

In June, an unemployed graduate from South Wales had her Jobseeker's Allowance stopped because she missed an appointment at the Jobcentre. This is despite the fact that the only reason she couldn't make it was because she had a job interview - and she rescheduled her appointment for the following day. She was told that a job interview was not a good enough reason to miss the appointment and she was docked a month's benefit.

In September, a man in Castlefield had his benefits stopped for 13 weeks after he applied for six jobs in one week and none the following week - rather than the three a week specified by the Jobcentre. The DWP wasn't interested in the fact that he wanted to show he was keen and apply as early as possible, they said he should have been aware he was breaking the rules.

Meanwhile, there are dozens of horrible stories of people losing disability benefits after being assessed as to whether they are fit to return to work.

2 Agrees
06 Dec 2013 18:02

some of these stories are beyond belief sad

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