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04 Oct 2013 09:50

Channel 5's documentary about train company First Great Western included a section on this years (2013) air show. If you didn't see it you can watch it on demand 5.

What an excellent advert for the town, well done Air Show and well done First Great Western.


Dawlish Air Show - Vulcan

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04 Oct 2013 10:46

Watched it last night.  It has been a fascinating series and has featured the sea wall section a few times, but last night was a great showcase for Dawlish.  Beautiful blue skies, lovely beaches and a great airshow yes

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04 Oct 2013 12:56

Yes I agree,very good programme but only 20 minutes of it.Should have edited out the section on newquay and bath(i think it was bath), and had 10 minutes more. Pity about people that moan though.But it was good programme.

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