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Dawlish Community College to become an Academic Trust

20 Sep 2013 08:49

After reading this on the front page of the Dawlish Gazette it seems not!


Subject: Article in Dawlish Gazette


Dear Parents and Carers
You may have seen the article in the press today, regarding the college’s status
The article states that all ties with Devon County Council will be cut.  I can categorically state that this is not the case and the college has maintained, and will continue to maintain, a healthy and constructive relationship with the Local Authority. 
As you may remember, on 31st August 2012 the college changed its status to a Foundation school within the Exe Estuary Academic Co-operative Trust.  The college’s Trustees include Flybe, South Devon and Exeter Colleges, the Exeter Diocesan Office, Dawlish Learning Partnership and Devon County Council.  We still remain a part of the Local Authority family of schools and will continue to do so.  We have the full support of the Local Authority and utilise many of its services.
It also intimated in the article that we are now an academy trust school.  I can quite clearly say that this is not the case and Dawlish Community College is not an academy.  We have maintained terms and conditions for staff and while we are developing new curriculum initiatives, we will still be following the National Curriculum.
I hope you would have noted in the article that we are due to launch our membership drive on Sunday 29th September (2 – 4pm) at the college.  The reason for the press release from the college was to highlight this to parents and the wider community and welcome them to become members of the Exe Estuary Academic Co-operative Trust.  This will be a fantastic event as all our Trustees will be there on the day, as well as one of our new members, Exeter City Football Club, who will be providing football coaching and activities.  We will also be showcasing some of the great work that goes on at our college through various sporting activities, music, art, drama and catering.
We are currently in discussions with the Dawlish Gazette to retract the statements that have been made which inaccurately portray the college’s status and ensure there will be a revised article in next week’s paper. 
Yours faithfully
J Simon
21 Sep 2013 10:26

Very naughty of the Gazette.  You'd think they get their facts right.  Surely they tried to get a quote from the school.  Hope they won't doing "Eye of Dawlish" journalism! ;p

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