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General Discussion

Hop to Dawlish carnival by bus!

08 Aug 2013 12:53

The Hop2 and Hop11 bus services will run before and after the carnival. The buses will not be able to run between approx 7pm-10pm.

There will be drop off and pick up points from John Nash Drive (towards Torquay and Newton Abbot) and from the junction of Elm Grove Road and Exeter Road (towards Dawlish Warren and Exeter)

Normal routes will resume after the parade.


 Service Destination hop2 Starcross, Exminster and Exeter               Last Bus 22.53

                             hop2 Teignmouth and Newton Abbot               Last Bus  23.21

                             hop11 Dawlish Warren                                     Last Bus  23.23

                             hop11 Teignmouth, Shaldon,

                            St. Marychurch and Torquay                              Last Bus 23.45


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