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General Discussion

05 Aug 2013 15:02

I am acting on behalf of a friend who has a large allotment just outside of Dawlish.

It is a large piece of ground and hasnt been looked after for the past 6 months.

On the plot is metered water a large polly tunnel, a greenhouse , varios chicken coops and sheds .

It is large ebnough to be worked by 2 people i could see 2 friends putting it to good use.

There is already a large Strawberry bed a asparagus bed onions and varios bits and bobs .

There will be little or no cost you would have to pay the water bill and supply the owner with seasonal vedge.

I have set up a temporary email so you can contact me with a your name and a contact number and i will get back to you my email

The Email details will be valid untill Friday of this week.

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