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Our economic woes - if you want to know more suggest you read this book "How Do We Fix This Mess?"

24 Jul 2013 19:01

It's written by the BBC Business Editor, Robert Peston, and explains why the banks crashed in 2007/8, the economic problems of the Eurozone, globalisation, and discusses the whys and wherefores of the Chinese economy.

Not a subject that all will be interested in I know but for those who are, it is well worth a read. Once you start getting your head around the technical terms, a lot of what has gone on and is still going on now is explained.

Paperback version £8.99 but you may get it cheaper than that in Waterstones (as I did) as it forms one of the many books that they have in their "Buy one book get another half price" offer.

ISBN 978-1-444-75712-5 


Now.........back to trying to get my head around 'Structured Investment Vehicles', Leveraging, 'Collaterised Debt Obligations', Hedge Funds etc.

(think I may have to read this book at least one more time.............)

24 Jul 2013 23:16

Only  £5.44 on Amazon,corporation tax free or kindle download for £3.54

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