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Hotel Restaurant

12 Jun 2013 09:09

Not having a reputation on here for being of a caring sharing kind of nature. Last night I found out something which left  me totally disgusted with co-operate, cant think of words to describe it.

Anyway went to a well known and respected hotel on the outskirts of Exeter for a meal with some business type folk who where staying there for the night.

Whillst waiting for the car at about 10.00pm I noticed the amount of food remaining on the cavery servery and made a comment about feeding half of Africa with it. The response from a member of staff whom we had been having a bit of a laugh with earlier left me as above stuck for words.

Can you believe they throw it in the bin

The staff can only eat it during their break on the premises and are not allowed to take any home. Now we are not talking about a few scraps here there was half a huge turkey and roast beef left last night, plus potatoes and veg etc.

This has got to be wrong, we have people living on the streets here with no hope. Think what a difference a bit of roast dinner whould do for them. I dont know what if anything can be done to stop this dreadful waste but maybe someone reading this does.

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Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
12 Jun 2013 14:24

Fred, I totally agree with what you are saying, however this has been going for years at restaurants/hotels anywhere food is served. I wouldn't be surprised if this happens in Dawlish, it would be curious just to ask that question.

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