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I like the new Seagull attraction

17 May 2013 11:16

I'm sure the evening Seagull feed in Littleweek Road has not gone 

past the attention of the residents.To have each evening 40 plus seagulls

on your roof must be utter bliss.

On the plus side the rest of the road must be overjoyed at the loss of

these flying rodents.

PS for those twitters the display starts at around 20.00 hours. 

17 May 2013 11:21

But they are an endangered species. LOL.

31 May 2013 08:55

When is the do gooder in Littleweek Rd going to stop feeding the gulls.

They will cause an accident by these gulls swooping across the road in the frenzy

and cause possible damage to roofs and cars 

These vermin should not be fed and still these people do it.

31 May 2013 09:00


"When is the do gooder in Littleweek Rd going to stop feeding the gulls"


Obviously never, because, as you have stated, they are a Do Gooder. angry


If people in that area dont like it, then cant someone inform Environmental Health and complain about it?

That would be a good course of action to begin with.

01 Jun 2013 08:04

Retribution will be grand Badgers today Seagulls tomorrow.

Should be a competition on Dawlish sea front a bit like a clay pigion shoot open to all licenced shot gun holders with first prize your photo in the Dawlish Gutsache consolation a seat on the town council. LOL

3 Agrees
01 Jun 2013 14:54

Do'nt tell the RSPCA or we'll all be in the s--t (seagull,cat,badger).

PS When I was younger saw Winchester 73 could follow those

sort of rules.


01 Jun 2013 19:51

If I was overlooking No2? I'd be tottaly pi--ed off

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