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A379 Speed Restrictions

13 Apr 2013 23:02

As if travelling around the area isent slow enough with old codgers plodding around to the doctors or hospital and sightseeing Brummies with their hoards of kids staggering about in their twenty year old people carriers. It now seems yet another stretch of the main A379 road is destined for a 30mph limit, just before Carhaix down to Saino's.

Now living around this area Im not aware of any recent accidents and it certainly cant be classed as a blackspot so whats the reason behind it. Just another waste of public money by an incompetent county council or another stealth tax collecting point for the Devon camera partnership van.

Repairing the roads in an effort to make them safe instead of slowing everything down to a standstill would be a better use of the money. Seems we are going backwards in this county. Perhaps all the car dealers on Marsh Barton should get some horses and carts in stock. Better still I think its time nobody over 60 should be allowed to stand in public office

14 Apr 2013 07:11

Personally I think that from say Sainsburys island until Gatehouse road should be 30mph, then reduce to 20mph, I think we should have speed limiters like Germany chipped into the road signs.


Speed limits reduce




fuel usage

Road damage


Just a personal opinion but I see people racing to get to places like home so they can sit down and drink tea, or rushing to get to the shops, I think if people watched less television they'd have more available time then they wouldn't need to rush once in their car.

Reasons for speeding; er if wife or child needs hospital, er no can't think of anything else.


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14 Apr 2013 17:11

Just noticed that this stretch of road has had it's centre line added. It used to be mainly double  white line that prevented overtaking but now is single.  Today we watched a near head on collision in the making as some idiot overtook two cars with out sight of oncoming traffic. Wonder why DCC changed the marking, they were doing far more than 40 by the way. 

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