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Incident on the A379? Up by Cockwood/Cofton

13 Apr 2013 13:38

Daughter has just come back from that area having had to turn the car around as the road is blocked. No cars moving.

I've just seen and heard a police car going past the Warren copse going in the direction of Cockwood.

Anyone know what's happened?


Update: Fire engine went in the same direction a few minutes later  

14 Apr 2013 07:26


Not quite sure what happened but there was a colission, There seemed to be at least 1 bus involved along with a car.

Cars turning round stated it looked like 2 buses head on but that seemed to be incorrect, the road was closed for approx 15b minutes.

Gentleman stood out in the pooring rain slowing the traffic down so as to avoid another accident, there are still some good people around.

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