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23 Mar 2013 20:06

Photograph of HMS Queen Elizabeth next to HMS Ark Royal -

Really shows the size of the new carriers, something we can all be proud of.

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24 Mar 2013 10:52

Hi Paul, Would like to share your joy but think these two carriers were ordered

by Gordon Brown purely to get votes for his labour constituency in Scotland

The ships have little scope of aircraft to carry as they cannot afford or have been 

designed without steam catapults.

All the VTOL (Verticle Take Of And Landing)  Harriers have been sold to the Yanks and the new American VTOL aircraft we are buying in return are grounded.

White Elephants spring to mind.




25 Mar 2013 09:19

I see.

Such a shame we can't use the Typhoon jets on the carriers.

It seems defence procurement is just constant mistake after mistake.


25 Mar 2013 10:27

Add to the the mistakes so far the other carrier when built will be moth balled

immediately and also there are only a few ports that can take either

vessel. Total Bloody Class 

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