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20 Feb 2013 10:52

thought this report presented to TDC's Scrutiny & Overview Committee on 15-1-13 might be of interest to some (whether presently social housing tenants or possibly becoming so sometime in the future).

(Note that it says children of the same sex are expected to share a bedroom until they are 21 years of age.

The report also states that over 260 households in Teign Housing alone (in other words there could well be more than 260 underoccupying households in total if those underoccupying in other housing association homes within the Teignbridge DC area were to be added into that figure) will lose benefit due to the bedroom tax.)  

20 Feb 2013 14:23

regarding the sharing of bedrooms by children, I have a friend when following the break up of a relationship took a 2bedroom flat (private) only to be told that she needed a 3bedroom as both her sons could not share, the eldest was 16. She moved to a 3bedroom only to be told under the new rules she was underoccupying and has to accept a deduction in her LHA and find a 2bedroom property. I will state she works part-time and does not get full benefit. So now she has to move again, each time a new deposit has to be found as you cannot get your deposit back until after you have moved out. Nothing is simple

21 Feb 2013 00:02

I've never liked this scheme and the HA I worked for did not join it (which upset a lot of officials to my own knowledge!).


Accommodation should be awarded based on need at the moment the property becomes available (which should be assessed then) and priority points should be awarded to local people rather than those who can merely maintain their lifestyle AND move to the seaside because of their banding on a Home Choice scheme.

28 Feb 2013 15:53

for info; I've just received this from TDC.


Teignbridge housing register - it’s changing.

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Devon Home Choice is the process people use to look and apply for social housing. It is the housing register for the whole of Devon. The government sets rules on who should take priority in getting homes and councils manage this for their local areas. Recently the government changed the rules, allowing councils more say in how they run their schemes.


With a few exceptions, anyone over 16 can register for housing. People generally apply to join the housing list online and it takes about 20 working days to process the information. Available properties are then advertised and people on the list can bid for up to 3 homes at a time.



Teignbridge is thinking about making changes and wants to know your views. In this way decision makers can see all the issues before they decide on what happens.


Helping you understand the changes

At the beginning of February 2013 there were around 4,500 households looking for homes in Teignbridge, but on average there are only 284 homes available each year. Over 60% of those on the register have not bid for a property, or are assessed as having a home that is good enough to meet their needs.


This means that Teignbridge Council is spending a lot of time administering thousands of applications for a limited amount of homes available, which we estimate to be costing us in excess of £73,000. Instead of registering people with little chance of getting a home we would rather be helping families by offering advice and assistance about their housing options.


Draft proposals

Under new proposals, the Council intends to do away with band E and take those assessed as having a home that is good enough to meet their needs off the list. We also intend to remove applicants who have not bid for 12 months, as well as those who turn down three reasonable offers of a home.


The Council will continue to provide accommodation for vulnerable homeless people, but is now thinking about adopting a private sector first policy for homeless households, whereby private rented properties are offered to homeless households, with support if necessary. This would mean they would spend less time in temporary accommodation


Lastly, we are thinking about prioritising certain groups of people to help deliver different outcomes in certain areas, for example, by choosing to place working families in areas of high unemployment and to reserve social housing in rural areas for those who work there.


In this way the Council intends to create mixed, balanced and sustainable communities where people of differing ages, ethnicities, incomes and family size all live side by side.


Thank you

Teignbridge Council


Further information



Devon Home Choice:


Housing, Forde House, Brunel Rd, Newton Abbot, TQ12 4XX

Telephone: 01626 215 151

You can leave a message anytime, night and day; someone will call you back






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