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18 Sep 2012 12:50

After seeing store bought pre-made kiddies birthday cakes, I decided to set myself a challenge and produce one cheaper, can be made by ANYONE and from easly accessed local supermarket products AND it took me just 10 minutes to make 

I think I succeeded on all fronts? Well my grand daughter LOVED it anyway

Let me know what you think?


18 Sep 2012 15:19

Chef!!! This is as shocking as the first sight of " Delia's How to Cheat at Cooking" laugh !!!




18 Sep 2012 20:32


ahhhh well, a little cheating a la Delia never goes amiss from time to time. especially when its in a good cause. Like I said, I set myslef a challenge to better a store bought cake with easy components. Which hopefully may inspire others to at least give it a go, or give them inspiration for other ideas. Any kitchen time, no matter how little is better than none at all wink

Besides, it can't alll be high brow cuisine. E.G. if I had posted the recipe etc for last year's birthday cake it would probably go above many/most readers heads and capabilities and be a waste of time (see new pic posted here

PS .... cake was YUMMY, a comp,ete chocolate overload and we will all be working it off for the next week !!

18 Sep 2012 21:37

Aw heck Chef, 

you make it sound like I was havin' a pop!.

The shock around Delia cheating was a load of tosh as far as I was concened. A lot of folks I know were prompted to start cooking for themselves because of that series.

T'was a bit cheeky of me to make the comment I guess :-(



18 Sep 2012 22:14

@Philip - not at all, not at all. i loved the cheekiness of the reply! 

Sorry, my reply obviously didn't get read as it sounded in my head frown

Keep reading, keep commenting and stay as cheeky as you like smiley

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