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Touring Caravan Wanted

10 Sep 2012 23:51

I'm after a touring caravan, fairly big, to use as an office.


Condition doesn't matter too much but price does!! (Must also have toilet!!!).


Any suggestions greatfully received.

11 Sep 2012 06:02

Pheonix caravans exeter have a huge very old one they used it as an office free to good home he told me.

Chassis/ wheels no good so would need to go on a trailer.

Why not a static, I bought one as an office for £550 incl transport

The garage opposite ladys mile has a tourer for £250 offer him less though.

Oh you could try duckeller farm they store them but they had a couple that looked like they hadn't been moved for a very long time.


11 Sep 2012 12:56

Thanks Andy


Too tight to get a static in there but the tourer for £250 sounds interesting. Will go have a look see.

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