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just returned from roscoff

08 Sep 2012 16:35

Just returned from a 'day trip' to Roscoff on what Brittany Ferries called a "gourmet cruise"

£79 PP all up got us - the return ferry fare (of course) plus a four course dinner onboard, a cabin overnight, breakfast onboard and a three course lunch inc wine and coffee in a local restaurant overlooking Roscoff Bay. The food onboard and the lunch in Roscoff were superb and WAY above the quality I expected. 

Ferry departs Plymouth at 21.30 every Thursday and arrives Roscoff at 8am. departs Roscoff at 4pm and gets back into Plymouth at 2130 on Friday. 

If your a smoker or a drinker, what you save on buying duty more than pays for the trip. So if your looking for a little break, like good food this is worth EVERY penny



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