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New bridge & sound of silence .....

23 Aug 2012 14:08

Looks like my relaxing days & quiet nights are over.

I'm not at home to confirm, but am told letters have been received to say work on the new railway bridge starts on Sept 15, with a due date of 11 Nov. 

Work will be undertaken Mon - Fri, 07.30 - 17.50 and overnight on the weekends 23.55 - 08.35

So if you see me with dark bags under my eyes it's NOT self inflicted ;-)

Be great to see the train station all tidied up tho

3 Agrees
23 Aug 2012 18:47

Does the letter say anything about train disruption Chef?  Will have to have a look on the website as I'm due in London on 17 September on the early fast train :/

23 Aug 2012 23:45

Home now, and letter states "..... at times that cause least disruption" 

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