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Rule Brittania !!

05 Aug 2012 08:41

Super Saturday! WOW What a day for Team GB! 

Gold, Gold and more Gold. Stunning athletics, rowing and cycling but te bit I still can't believe is a Brit won the long jump!!!! I always thought this was a long legged, black athlete sport. Hmmmm ..... white men CAN jump. 

Proud to be a Brit! Proud to be a Brit? Agree here and add a comment 


05 Aug 2012 08:42

....... and if your blessed with ginger hair? Good on ya, hope this puts an end to any teasing! 

06 Aug 2012 00:42

What a brilliant few days. Love Ben Ainslie, "You don't want to make me angry" qoute!


12 Aug 2012 09:26

Yes, I agree, we have done exceedingly well and here is a poem about London 2012 written by the poet laureate, Carol Anne Duffy.  It's called "Translating the British, 2012".


A summer of rain, then a gap in the clouds
and The Queen jumped from the sky
to the cheering crowds.

               We speak Shakespeare here,
a hundred tongues, one-voiced; the moon bronze or silver,
sun gold, from Cardiff to Edinburgh
               by way of London Town,
on the Giant's Causeway;
we say we want to be who we truly are,
now, we roar it. Welcome to us.

We've had our pockets picked,
               the soft, white hands of bankers,
bold as brass, filching our gold, our silver;
we want it back.

We are Mo Farah lifting the 10,000 metres gold.
We want new running-tracks in his name.
For Jessica Ennis, the same; for the Brownlee brothers,
Rutherford, Ohuruogu, Whitlock, Tweddle,
for every medal earned,
we want school playing-fields returned.

Enough of the soundbite abstract nouns,
austerity, policy, legacy, of tightening metaphorical belts;
we got on our real bikes,
for we are Bradley Wiggins,
               side-burned, Mod, god;
we are Sir Chris Hoy,
Laura Trott, Victoria Pendleton, Kenny, Hindes,
Clancy, Burke, Kennaugh and Geraint Thomas,
               Olympian names.

We want more cycle lanes.

               Or we saddled our steed,
or we paddled our own canoe,
or we rowed in an eight or a four or a two;
our names, Glover and Stanning; Baillie and Stott;
Adlington, Ainslie, Wilson, Murray,
               Valegro (Dujardin's horse).

We saw what we did. We are Nicola Adams and Jade Jones,
bring on the fighting kids.

               We sense new weather.
We are on our marks. We are all in this together.




12 Aug 2012 13:24

and then there is my version ......... 


The summer it started with nothing but rain, 

Then the weather it cleared with the Olympics again.

Sir Paul and Mr Beckham, and Craig 007,

As the Queen jumped out, parachuting from heaven.


With all of our dialects, and Shakespeare's a must,

It was up to Team GB, for lots of medals or bust.

The bankers may have winded us with thier greedy gains, 

But the medals we've won, seems to have eased all those pains. 


Mo Farah's the man and of course Jessica Ennis, 

And Andy Murray did it, finally taking gold in the tennis.

Lets not forget Hoy, Daley and of course all the others, 

Ainslee, Adams and Jones, and those fantastic Brownlee brothers.  


Every athelete, every medal, every record so well earned, 

Lets hope all our school playing fields, will now be returned. 

Lets hope the politicians are nobody's fools, 

And lets get competition, back into the schools.


Be it track, field, pool or out on the water,

Get on your bike and like Hoy, do what you outta. 

If you put in the training and all the hard work, 

The kids should be rewarded, over those that just sherk.


Medals awarded to those that achieve, 

Instead of equal certificates for all, which is my little pet peeve.

The wind of change is coming much like the weather, 

Like Team GB as a group, we are all in this together. 


The chef's poem is now finished but I won't be lonely,

Because I will be cooking for friends, for the closing ceremony.

Lets hope its a good one as it all now unfurls

Boasting the best of our music, including spice girls 


My poem is over and reads easier of late,

Maybe vote for me, for the new poet laureate ;-)

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12 Aug 2012 20:24


12 Aug 2012 20:41


13 Aug 2012 21:14

And the Channel 4 adverts for the Para Olympic games are just brilliant.

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