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Businesses For Sale

27 Jul 2012 19:55

Salamis - £330K freehold. 

Model Fish Cafe - £95K 15-year lease. 

Geronimo's - £49,950 unspecified term lease. 

Swan Inn - £39,950 unspecified term free of tie lease. 


Some interesting opportunities there!

01 Aug 2012 06:04

As Nelson was missing a few, I will too (so to give nothing away)

To add to your list

I apologise If I duplicate (lack of local knowledge)

Deli in Brook st £220K

Emotions card shop £15K

Holiday complex Old Teighnmouth Road

Camper van conversion business £25K

Clothing shop £35k

Tilleys cafe £60K (not sure if this is current or just an old ad)

Animated display models, manufacturing and hire business £85K


Whilst on the subject, what businesses are missing from Dawlish ?

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