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General Discussion

11 Jul 2012 15:26

Has anyone had ago at any of Chef's recipes?

I've made some pasties which were delicious -

Going to try the BBQ doner kebabs soon.

11 Jul 2012 16:23

Hi Paul

Thanks for that, glad you liked the pasties

Just finishing an article on BBQ recipes, probably around a dozen plus recipes and ideas. From  beverages to veg, fom meat & fish dishes to desserts. Including one that my kids used to love back in NZ - a bbq'd ice cream cone! 

Will post that later tonight


11 Jul 2012 17:41

I have a recipe for hot carrot and ice cream desert (it's Indian)


Takes hours to make, probably costs a fortune but is lovely


If anyone wants it I'll dig it out.


Question are their any local fisherman we can get fish from ???????

11 Jul 2012 18:02


Hi Andy

I will post a plethora of my favourite recipes from my time in India at some stage, so would be most interested in the recipe, it sounds intriquing, and possibly a type of kulfi. After testing it out, I would add it to the article and credit yourself as its source. My email is, unless you want to post it publicly? 

Here, here about the fish. Never been into jetty fishing, but would be keen to learn if anyone out there has a spare rod and fancies some company sometime? 

11 Jul 2012 18:08

Peter Brooks is local and catches and sells fish, hes on FB

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