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General Discussion

26 May 2012 09:13

Oh well, it wasn't to be. Clearly you need to already have a Town Centre Manager and be located in the South East of England in order to increase your chances. What a farce!

26 May 2012 09:25

Perhaps Dawlish will be in the next 12 to be announced in July?

Increased chances if located in the south-east of England? Why?. Seems to me that the succesful bids are spread throughout the country.

26 May 2012 11:00

So where is the South East bias exactly, or have they moved Stockton, Wolverhampton, Liskeard, Nelson, Bedminster, Stockport, Newbiggin and Market Rasen!!!!

Here is the list

  • Bedford - mentoring support for businesses
  • Croydon - transforming the Old Town market
  • Dartford - school for shopkeepers
  • Greater Bedminster - street art, street theatre
  • Liskeard - vibrant arts scene, guerrilla gardening
  • Margate - putting education and enjoyment first
  • Market Rasen - restoring market town look
  • Nelson - youth cafe, art and vintage market
  • Newbiggin-by-the-Sea - transport, pop-up shops
  • Stockport - Markets and Underbanks revamp
  • Stockton-on-Tees - Globe Theatre entertainment
  • Wolverhampton - modern day town criers

Maybe the fact that there is nothing to regenerate in Dawlish is the real reason and the majority of people object to any changes that would improve the Town and bring in people to spend money, eg new houses, supermarkets, .........

I'm sure the Judges took one look at the Forums on and crossed Dawlish off the list immediately.

26 May 2012 13:12

One third in the south east is a rather large proportion. I completely agree with you about the anti brigade that is a festering sore in Dawlish. Nothing will inprove whilst these NIMBYs in DARE continue to get the platform that their small numbers do not deserve. Onwards and upwards though, life's too short to be wasted on those small-minded Daily Mail geriatrics - it's a lovely day in Shaldon.

26 May 2012 19:47

wriggler my thoughts exactly this town needs expansion the more people the more money is spent its not rocket science but Nelson is right nothing will improve until the NIMBYs realize they are on the wrong path

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