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Paignton Geoplay Park

30 Mar 2012 19:29

Could this community-led play park be the inspiration for Dawlish? Yes it has cost £500K, but £447K was funded by the Lottery, thanks to a great effort by town residents and businesses. After seeing the number of families enjoying the similar facilities at Teignmouth today, and seeing how much they were spending in local shops(!!), the sooner we get something like this in Dawlish, the better. As long as it's done professionally and by people who understand what children of different age ranges (and their families) expect in the 21st century. Also seeing so many people on Teignmouth beaches made me wonder why on earth our beaches here in Dawlish are not cleared of seaweed and pebbles. Yes I know it would be like painting the Forth Bridge, but the first impressions of visitors and locals who walk under the viaduct is frankly appalling. Clear those gateway areas and make it attractive for people to spend time there. Oh and fix the benches along the seafront below the train station!! Thanks. I hope I'm not asking for too much.

30 Mar 2012 19:37

You are right Nelson . it would not take much to make it look nice.

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