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General Discussion

40 Christmas Trees?

08 Dec 2011 21:42

Where are the 40 Christmas trees that Dawlish signed up for?

I went into town at about 4.30pm today, the first time for a couple of weeks and expected to see the town looking very festive but it looked more like January or February. I counted 4 Christmas trees in the Strand and Piermont Place looked as if it had been given up on.What time are the lights around the Lawn and Brook switched on? No sign of any at 4.40pm. As i walked through the Lawn i saw the usual group with their cans etc in one of the shelters and thought it slightly off putting.

09 Dec 2011 14:49

All the trees and their lights looked to be in place and switched on, when we walked round town earlier. It all looks very festive!

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