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Dawlish United

23 Nov 2011 21:07

Why does the local newspaper only carry reports for Dawlish United under-13s and not their first team, who I gather are the top team in the town? I love football despite being a season tic ket holder until last year at Yeovil Town (the Glory Glover Boys!), and am interested in watching a local club without having to travel too far as I have no transport.

Is it just me that finds it strange that the paper doesn't advertise the local club?

Sorry for all these questions, but once I pop I can't stop!

30 Nov 2011 20:00

Thanks to whomever read my message above, and then took the time and effort to ensure that the Gazette has a comprehensive review of ALL Dawlish United teams, from First Team to Under-9s and including the Girls team. Credit where it's due. I hope these reports continue and that the focus remains firmly upon the town's top club. Well done!

09 Dec 2011 15:01

More good coverage in the Gazette again. Well done all. PS don't worry I won't keep posting every week about this subject lol!

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