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Holman Computers

New Computer Shop + Call out service

Holman Computers
Holman Computers
06 May 2008 15:26

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New Computer Shop + Call out service
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Sam Holman
6 May 08
Holman Computers
we are a mobile service for all problems and a retailer for brand new computer and laptop systems at Rubys Mobiles 44 The Strand Dawlish Devon ex7 9pt

• Standard Fee Which Includes 1 Hour of work and the call out - £45 (local area that is)
• Fee After First Hour - £25 per hour
• Recover a Crashed System - from £40
• Install Hardware - £20 (if supplied by customer £15 )
• Install Software Programs - from £15 (license copies only)
• Internet Configuration - from £15
• Reload Operating System i.e. Windows - from £35 (license copies only)
• Complete Reload of Windows + all your other software - from £40
• Virus/Trojan removal -from £35 (unless reload needed)
• Spyware removal –from £35 (unless reload needed)
• Data Recovery -from £40
• Hard Drive Data Erasing -from £25 (per drive done at government standards)
• Data backup prior to repairs £20
• System check and cleanup £20 and every month charge £15
• A 100% payment on all new builds Computer plus a setup cost of £15 for 1 one hours work
if you need us to setup your PC after delivery
• Full Payment on Laptops before ordering
Other Services

• Sell new computer systems (Made to your requirements i.e. Office, Family, Work and Gaming computer)
• Sell computer components
• Sell computer accessories (CDs, DVDs, Wi-Fi dongles, Modding kits and many more)
• Sell software (Window XP, Vista, Microsoft office 2007, Antivirus, Burning tools and many more )
• Full computer Serving (Applying Modding, New cases, Wiring, Cleaning and more)
• Repairs and upgrades
• Help with problems in the electrical area
• Computer and internet lessons – (per hour £15 )
• Networking (homes and small offices only )
• Wiring for most electrical
• Setup of electrical items i.e. (TV, DVD, Video, CD/DVD player and Computer link all together)
• Template creating and editing i.e. (Making and Editing template for business cards, letterheads, logos etc. so you can keep the price down when you are buying this things for you business )

if you would like to contact me it is
Mr Samuel Holman
05600938222 (it is the same cost as a 01626 number)

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