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Don Pearson
Don Pearson
22 Jun 2011 06:23

I commend the Teignbridge DC Draft Council Plan to your attention.

It is not a plan in any meaningful sense of the word, including no measureable actions or timescales, no indications of dependencies, resources or how anything is to be achieved. Its real content can be summarised as: "We are going to make things better."

The council is seeking residents' views through a survey outlining challenges, actions and impacts across a range of topics and asking people to indicate the importance they attach to the topic using a slider. I would expect most people to indicate that they consider most of the topics important or very important.

If the council does understand the elements that constitute a plan then one must conclude that this entire exercise is a deliberate and wasteful charade. If they do not, then heaven help us.

22 Jun 2011 09:42

In other words absolutely nothing is going to happen as per all the 'plans' and promises of many previous years. Never mind, am sure we will have another survey next year. We can't even have a Tesco for Dawlish, I think the town will be closed in another few years.

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