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Affordable Homes

18 Apr 2011 10:19

It's good to see the 16 affordable homes being built at Dawlish Warren are going to be offered to people living or working in the Teignbridge area.

19 Apr 2011 13:14

I see, rather than pay £600 a month on a mortgage for a full house you pay £750 a month for half a house. That somehow makes it affordable?

I wouldn't touch these with a barge-pole if I was a first time buyer. Australia's housing bubble has finally popped which means it is only the UK's left, so I would advise waiting to all first time buyers.

Also, anyone who buys at the Warren is risking it anyway due to costal erosion. That is why prices are about half of what they are in Dawlish.

20 Apr 2011 04:36

Agree with your point Steve, with insurance companies kicking up such a fuss about properties in flood risk areas, how can any planning authority, builder or house buyer ever consider a property in an area like Dawlish Warren. It should not be allowed and flooding is only one reason. For years the area has been earmarked as holiday accommodation only with huge restrictions on the number of permanent residents and siting of caravans etc, how come things have suddenly changed. Got to be another Council back hander situation.

It really is time people realized what Sainsbury's, Barratts, and their other mates are upto before our beautiful town and warren become another one of their concrete jungles.

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