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Recommendations for Elections

Don Pearson
Don Pearson
12 May 2009 13:09

For European Parliament,
Vote Incitatus.

For local elections,

Vote Sodemall

spoil your ballot

12 May 2009 14:08

Nice play on words there Don.

Seriously though, despite what people justifiably think about the Westminster pigs with their snouts in the trough, far too many people have lost their lives over the years whilst fighting for democracy for me to be apathetic about voting.

I shall be voting, and urge others not to forego their right to vote. Please use it wisely though and please don't validate the existence of the racist BNP scum by using a protest vote in favour of them.

I shall be voting for Green Party candidates.

Don Pearson
Don Pearson
12 May 2009 15:22

Broadly, I agree with you. It is because of the efforts and suffering of those who sought to establish democracy that I am not apathetic. Even now, there are parts of the world where brave people are fighting the same battle. I just do not believe that the structures that we have bear any but the most superficial resemblance to those for which so many have died.

Futile though you may think it as a gesture, I always go to the polling station and spoil my ballot paper rather than vote for a party or individual who will not represent my views.

However,when I lived in a marginal constituency, I did vote in General Elections for a party I disliked against one that I despised. At least I knew what I was voting against. It is more difficult in these days of chameleon policies.
I think many people find themselves in a similar position, at least to the extent of voting against a governing party by which they feel let down.

Finally, I would vote for Incitatus willingly to keep out the BNP. Long live a multi-cultural society.


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