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Don Pearson
Don Pearson
01 Sep 2008 22:58


(In memory of and acknowledgement to Pastor Martin Niemöller)

First they installed CCTV in Teignmouth,
To deter vandals and to catch litter louts
And people whose car tax was a day overdue.
I applauded, scoffing at Tony Blair’s dream
Becoming Eric Blair’s nightmare.
What could the law-abiding have to fear?

When they dispersed groups of two or more
Who might be about to cause trouble,
I was enthusiastic,
Being no longer young.

When they came for the addicts, alcoholics and “undesirables”,
I did not speak out,
Because I had left that life behind.

When they came for the sick, the so-called incurables,
I muttered something to myself
But I was not mad enough to receive treatment.

When they came for the Rotarians and Round-tablers,
I held my peace;
Perhaps uncharitably.

When they came for the Councillors,
I remained silent;
I despised local politics.

Niemöller’s final stanza continues to apply.

31st August 2008

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