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Chris Crudelli - mind body and kick ass moves comes to Newton Abbot

20 Aug 2008 18:56

Control & Defence

Chris Crudelli
Star of the hit TV program
‘Mind, Body and Kick Ass Moves’

Train with Chris Crudelli
This October 2008 1-4pm in Newton Abbot, Devon

Ticket prices are £45 per person

To book your place please email me
Or visit the website

Joey Deacon
Joey Deacon
20 Aug 2008 21:58

£15 an hour??

At least Dick Turpin wore a mask!

Not sure about "kick ass", more like "stick it up your ass".

Have a nice day.

21 Aug 2008 18:15

hardly daylight robbery,it's actually very cheap for this 3 hour seminar.

Have a nice day

21 Aug 2008 18:46

explains all you need to know about joey deacon. ignore the ignorant.

Joey Deacon
Joey Deacon
21 Aug 2008 19:59

Keep your neb out Dullish Roy. Been quiet on here without all your Anon aliases, hasn't it...

FAO of Dick Turpin: I personally think that £15 an hour for a seminar about "kick ass moves" is a tad expensive in this day and age of the so-called credit crunch. That's my opinion.

Oh, and don't you think that encouraging people to kick donkeys is rather cruel? ;-)

I get it... Dawlish has been transplanted to America...

Have a nice day!

21 Aug 2008 20:15

What a uneducated person you are mr deacon. Would that be the same quiet that hasn't seen input from your other aliases (chicken shed/trotter/the truth/smuggy a/sunny a/mr welly/chuffer.....)?

Every posting you make is only concerned with arguing or forcing home your 'little' britain point. Add all that to your football postings and I believe we have a specimen Darwin would have left behind.

I am embarrassed to be from the same town as you

22 Aug 2008 08:30

why cant anyone actually reply sensible comments on here instead of stupid comments.

No matter what people advertise on here someone always has to take it too far. If the post does not really matter to you DONT post a reply.

People like you spoil it for all the others.

anyway, for ALL those who are interested in this course chris will be teaching the following

Teaching subjects will be Kung Fu generation of power methods
deception in combat,
weapons training and disarms
fight awareness
basic alphabet striking system (Crudelli's own system of codified bursts of attack)
qi gong
some locking and choking methods.
and a short talk about his new book released on OCT 01 way of the warrior by chris crudelli

Ohhhh, and £15 per hour is not expensive, it is a very good price. First of all take a look at local clubs and see how much they charge for private tuition. (£30 per hour) and there no celebs!!

Look what places charge for call out fee's £40 etc etc. You still pay it!!

have a good day

and for those that do want to attend please get in contact

22 Aug 2008 11:27

Can I just make you aware that I am not Joey Deacon, never have been and never will be thank you and I am not sure why you think I am?

22 Aug 2008 11:29

I don't feel that the charge is too expensive and I hope that people take you up on your offer.

22 Aug 2008 12:04

It's ok im not having a go at you, but some people on here just have to argue everyones articles.

the course is taking bookings already so hopefully be a massive hit.

and i agree with you, the course is not expensive its actually a veryyyyyy goooodd price.

22 Aug 2008 19:18

The new Online Booking form is now available on my website to secure your place on this one of fantastic chance to train with Chris Crudelli - star of BBC show 'Mind Body and Kick Ass Moves'

Please note the training time has now been altered to 3-6pm instead of what was advertised as 1-4pm.

Book now to save disapointment

This event is NOT open to spectators. except the press and media.

22 Aug 2008 21:42

Control-Defence, my reply was to Dullish who for some reason thinks I am Joey Deacon. I feel that your course is value for money. Good Luck.

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