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What a weasel word 'misspoke' is.

This website's 'Societies' page is worth a look.  I agree with Duckileaks, too much negativity on this forum. Also note the Leisure Centre where there is lots going on. Agree the train is the best way to go to Exeter.

2 weeks ago

Thank you @leatash , and the same from me to everyone here.

Agree with Calamari, nice pics and Kestrels indeed.

And now, according to today's i newspaper, the same people are complaining that they have to look at the gorilla's backside.

I agree it looks unsightly atm, but this kind of pollarding is necessary to extend the tree's life.  It will grow again !

Well, we are continually being told that £xxx is earmarked to bring this everywhere, especially rural areas. What about parts of Dawlish that haven't got it yet ? e.g. where I live (the West Cliff area) ? How many other parts of Dawlish are still struggling with copper cable ?

Bad news indeed.

Well, a Cross-Country train came through fine yesterday just before 11. And the sea didn't look particularly rough.

Sorry  Lynne, your 'funny' was too subtle for me.  Forget I spoke.