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The same problem with that old line a lot of it is now in private hands there was a interesting program about it a few nights ago and the general feeling was it would be nearly impossible to reinstate it. The bridges are no longer fit for trains and miles of the old track bed is now a cycle path with some stretches in private hands and one section now has houses on it the solution in my mind would ...

10 Nov 2018

The cost of building a new single track line on the flat is in excess of 8.1 million per km and a inland route certainly wouldnt be flat  i would imagine a up and down line would be required then there would be land to acquire i would imagine that could take 20+ years by then we may all be up to our knees in sea water.

10 Nov 2018

With the onset of climate change it's only going to get worse you ain't seen nothing yet people worse is yet to come.

You could get rid of the dog.

And looking at the weather thats on it's way it may be closed again Friday/Saturday.

Maybe they will employ a private enforcement company as other Local Authorities do.

I park in the Barton Car Park and it costs me £1.23 per day very reasonable i would say.

And i thought i was the only one without a face ache account we should start a club.

The Sony Xperia XZ that is rated IP68 will allow you to text in the sea.

4 Oct 2018

The problem with free parking is there would never be any spaces i pay for a permit for parking in the Barton Car Park if on road parking was free i would be permanantly parked outside my place of residence and so would most folk who live in the Town centre. The only advantage i can see to free wifi is that i may not have to pay a broadband supplier each month but would be able to use the free ...

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