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General Discussion

Illegal Parking
31 May 2017

Didn't think it could get any worse.

Dawlish Celebrates
27 May 2017

Hope the sun comes out and everyone enjoys this bank holiday. See lots more events...

Prescriptions have gone up 20p.

More Cygnets?
15 May 2017

@DEEDOOLE great pics, love the duck.

14 May 2017


How about a visit to the Craft and Gift market on The Lawn. And then perhaps Sunday lunch at the Methodist Church.

@ HuwMathews2 and everyone else that Indy Scot has tried to play games with, don't feed the Troll. If everyone ignores this person they will just get fed up and give up.

Illegal Parking
11 May 2017

That was a quiet day @Paul . Michael wasn't impressed with this parking.

11 Apr 2017

Someone told me yesterday it's no longer up for sale.

A sunny Sunday
9 Apr 2017

The baby robins in their nest in the shed waiting to be fed. The fish and frogs in the pond came up for some sun.

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