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Dawlish News

I never had your step daughter down as a grass Duckileaks, very disappointed, I need a drink.

21 Sep 2015

Oh dear, all this is beyond me, I  was brought up with a crystal  set.

21 Sep 2015

I  bet google has gone into meltdown.

20 Sep 2015

That's handy burnside, amongst my circle of friends is a hit man.

I moved in.

Apperances are deceptive,  I  have already said,  that most of her posts that were innapropriate were removed. You shouldn't  be making judgements about subjects or people  that clearly you know nothing about. If you care to look back at the posts Judith Chalmers AKA OurSoul had removed , it may give you a small insight. In addition  before you condem me as a bully, I suggest   that you look ...

12 Aug 2015

It wasn't  an apology, the lady has had so many posts removed for their content that one would be hard pressed to find one.

11 Aug 2015

No chance  and the second word is off. Sleep well.

11 Aug 2015

Well you wrote the libelous comments, perhaps you should seek help over your amnesia and any other problems you might have. Won't  tell you again it's  Mr Presley.

11 Aug 2015

I  didn't  imply anything. You brought on to yourself all that happened to you with your libelous comments about me and others. It doesn't  wash that you were bullied  off, just try looking back at your posts. It's  no good for you to act as the injured party, that won't  wash either. I believe that now you are changing your modus operandi , almost clever, but not quite. Oh and by the ...

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