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Lindapetherick's Posts

Yes it is getting better anybody out there fit patio doors.

14 Jan 2014

Thank you so much Paul and DJ for the information, will follow them up

13 Jan 2014

Anbody know of any part time jobs going in Dawlish.

Coming Soon
31 Dec 2013

Really looking forward to this shop opening.

I would like to clarify that Teignbridge did not have a problem with the St Georges Flag it was the wording that the taxi drive chose to put on the flag which was not deemed to be appropriate.

I understand that the 2 taxi spaces outside No 1 Cafe were advertised in the Dawlish Gazette on the 31st July. There is 4 weeks from that date for people to send letters of objection to this. Anybody who wants to object to 2 taxi spaces outside No 1 Cafe  need to send letters of objection to Andrea Furness Senior Licensing Officer at Teignbridge as soon as possible. They did receive the petition, ...

Try David Long he is a private landlord tele: 862494

Cllr John Petherick (Chair of CAC) and the Town Centre Manager are looking at restarting the Produce Market. Cllr Petherick has put a small working group together and we are waiting for Emma to find out some information before we go any further.

All of us who work in the lobbying and campaigning sector will continue to campaign against these new benefits.

Thats not very nice you will be old in time.  That could have been your mother or grandmother.  We should show respect to older people not be disrespectful.