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Dawlish News

Has anyone been evacuated from the flats above?

On reading the past three comments i couldn't agree more. The town is dead and no amount of money spent on refurbising the pavement or making better parking will not make any difference to local traders, more to the pity. Just look at the Strand what has a visitor to look forward to. So let's cut down some tree's debatable if deceased. Upon looking at the first tree cut down this morning and the ...

30 Dec 2012

Nelson, as i said the lights were working before the flood. People in this country have always complained not just Dawlish, it's the British way.

30 Dec 2012

Nelson,  yes i was very aware of the flooding but the brook lights had been out long before that as stated in older post's.  From how i read your post's you have been a regular on this forum, so tell me how long has the big swan lights by the viaduct been out? As for me i have only been here since May 2011. I chose to live in Dawlish for the charm of the town and the ease of getting around by ...

30 Dec 2012

As the statement has been made about the famous black swans in Dawlish why have the two main swan lights at the viaduct never been on, or fixed if they are broken. This little town has charm lots of charm but there is very little for the tourist to see or do. I'm not saying be like Torquay or any other major resorts, Dawlish has it's own character. It has been said before what's happened to the ...

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