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Paul's Posts

Banks only hold minimum amount of cash reserves, and have to do so by law. Another beauty from Big Brother EU. What I'd like to see them do, is crash test a car off the white cliffs of Dover with Juncker, Tusk and the rest of the dummies on board.

End of Democracy
27 Mar 2019

Banks 'assets' are loans they've made. Money deposits are banks liabilities. Also, the UK has the highest employment in europe. It's all project fear. Yep PM's tactics are disgraceful.

27 Mar 2019

Who cares where insurance companies regisiter their 'assets'. They are still obliged to pay out their claims and will still be providing insurance to the UK. Just like who cares where banks register their dodgy assets, i.e. collateralized debt and loan obligations that will probably never be paid back and loans on inflated house prices.

27 Mar 2019

There was no mention of a deal. Exactly as you say. Question - "Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?" Answer - "Leave" Rig up trade deals, yeah that's great. But what is this current deal bargaining about? It is all about staying in the EU. All a fabrication.

27 Mar 2019

Unless we get a no deal brexit, which is what we voted for, I'm voting Brexit Party. Everyone I know is doing the same. The UK Parliament have sided with the EU against the British people. UK Parliament is as hated as the EU. We will never forget this and will never forgive these traitors.

I guess it depends on what someone views as important. For me that seems scant return for the billions we are charged.

25 Mar 2019

Well, I honestly can't think of any benefit for the UK from being in the EU. Can anyone?

25 Mar 2019

I'd still like to hear what is so great about the EU.

24 Mar 2019

All of the c**p has come from project fear.