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Paul's Posts

I agree, there are a lot of strange people about.

3 Apr 2019

Well I found it funny.

3 Apr 2019

Get a life S. This is a bit of fun.

3 Apr 2019

Troops use Corbyn picture for target practice. Our troops know the score. Brilliant.

I'm voting Brexit Party.

Post Democracy
1 Apr 2019

So if Labour ever win a general election, the Conservatives don't have to let them in. They can just say Labour voters were too stupid to know what they were voting for. All the experts say the country would be worse off under a Labour government and no one voted to be poorer.

Order, order. Calm yourselves. Leave on the 12th, with no deal. PM BoJo. It's not a prediction. It's just the way it's going to be.

28 Mar 2019

Here we go, we've all been looking forward to this for ages. Who's got a street party celebrating our FREEDOM from communism? Oh, hang on a minute. I forgot, the remainiacs have ruinned it for us all.

28 Mar 2019

Well this is the whole problem, people who can't accept the democratic will of the people. 3 years wasted by democracy deniers. I thought the Soviet Union was gone, but communism is still holding us back.

28 Mar 2019

OK, so there are 295 MPs willing to stand up for democracy.