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Paul's Posts

What a great day for democracy. The main stream media get it all wrong again. Congratulations Mr. President.

9 Nov 2016

Well done Donald.

8 Nov 2016

I think Donald Trump is the better choice, with his money he can be independent, whereas Hillary is just a Wall Street puppet, bought and paid for.

8 Nov 2016

Anyone got any preferences? Excellent news, tax payers money well spent.

@ShyTalk 47 , the out majority was 1,269,501, which is a huge number, fact! @Lynne , wonderful, perhaps you should be an mp.

4 Nov 2016

Judges' logic is utter jibberish, clearly they ruled based purely on self interest. The IN/OUT EU referendum was an act of Parliament, they have had they say. The MPs voted 6 to 1 in favour of the referendum. The United Kingdom voted to leave the EU by a massive majority. The United Kingdom will leave the EU. MPs have no say in the matter, there is no such thing as hard or soft Brexit, it ...

A New Britannia
26 Oct 2016

Government said it has no plans for a new Royal Yacht. Really stupid, they clearly have no idea about the country they are supposed to run. Missed an excellent opportunity there, very sad and very silly.

26 Oct 2016 Lord's chamber - Great idea, definitely need a new Royal Yacht.

I went in one of the two phone boxes near the Marine Tavern a few weeks ago, I got a face full of cobwebs. Clearly they aren't used much. Nice to keep the traditional red one at the bottom of Queen Street.