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Paul's Posts

The footpath between Lanherne and Beach Street is now open. A very nice quality job adding to the town's infrastructure. Well done to all involved.

Excellent news. Good riddance eye sore.

Response from Devon Highways - Dear Sir / Madam , ENQ********** Parking Enforcement , Enquiry Location : Exeter Road Dawlish Further to your communication received on 26 - April - 2017 the record was completed on the 19 - June - 2017 . The following information is now available ; ...

Mackerel Fishing
12 Jun 2017

@DEEDOODLE , nice one, cheers mate.

12 Jun 2017

When does the mackerel fishing season start? Also anyone know what the best method is? I'm guessing feathers or spinner?

Yeah really nice. Good the see nice inprovements happening to our lovely little town.

Well done all. Except for a couple nasty red blemishes on the map the south west is again True Blue Tory . Lovely Jubbly!

Result. Tories win, Labour lost FACT.

I just hope that we still get out of the EU. It's sad we are such a weak country.

9 Jun 2017

@Carer , what's your point?