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Paul's Posts

Well done all. Except for a couple nasty red blemishes on the map the south west is again True Blue Tory . Lovely Jubbly!

Result. Tories win, Labour lost FACT.

I just hope that we still get out of the EU. It's sad we are such a weak country.

9 Jun 2017

@Carer , what's your point?

Who are the rude ar$eholes outside the polling station near the high school?

Cannot let Labour or the Libs wreck the economy. Vote Conservative for a bright future.

Cheer up dudes, not long now til we can all celebrate a Tory landslide victory.

Yes, I've posted real reasons why you should vote for the Conservatives and why Labour is nothing more than a joke. The voting system could be better, but never mind that now, t he general election is tomorrow. Let's make sure the Conservatives have a big majority so we have a bright future ahead of us.

7 Jun 2017

@Lynne , do you have anything real to add?

7 Jun 2017

@DEEDOODLE , i agree with that. out of the lot the tories are the only ones i can vote for, but i'd much rather vote for a team of genuine people that aren't a bunch of unskilled bickering talkers, that can never answer a simple question. Why can't we have a team of Professors, Nurses, Teachers, Army Generals, Business leaders, Community Workers and ordinary people, etc lead the country doing ...