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Dawlish News

What the hell is happening to our town? It's okay though - they both had traumatic childhoods.

Anything happen? No. I know the EA have to put their umbrella up and warn people that something 'might' happen. The problem is that insurance companies are grabbing this and charging exorbitant rates for flood insurance in areas that, up to now, have never flooded. The way of today's world I suppose!

If you want to vote on policies the Beeb have a fairly good section under 'BBC News' entitled 'Election 15'. It gives a fairly good precis of who wants to do what. Whether or not those 'policies' ever become 'practice' .... only time will tell!

Apparently, before the brook was 'canalised' (if that's a word!), fishermen used to pull their boats up outside the White Hart. If the seawall goes for good maybe that'll happen again.

Don't forget all of the Sheltered Housing Schemes who have had their Warden funding removed! This policy is just not 'joined up' - Give it 2 years tops and the DCC housing for older people policy will be in absolute turmoil! There is no doubt that some older people will suffer and even die from this. DCC should be ashamed of themselves!

Oh, okay then! So someone who is not contibuting can get a new boiler whilst those of us paying for it can't afford one? Great policy - well enjoy your new boiler. I'll just wrap myself in my old sleeping bag and continue to cut logs if I can find them!!!

It really doesn't matter where the money is coming from (after all it is ours!) - It could be spent more wisely on essential services.

@ OF "The wasteland at the end of Meadow Park would only be seen in that light by a person who has little or no appreciation of the amazing wildlife that inhabits these area's"

8 Nov 2013

@OLD FART - you're wrong (but then personality comments usually are). @Cassandra - no. but i do live in an area which may be subject to massive development in the not too distant future.

Parts of Langdon Hospital are secure - other parts are not. I'm fortunate not to have a family that have suffered mental illness - I hope to god that you have too because they're not going to get much sympathy from you lot! There are many people locally who have spent time in Langdon who are now living in the community with no adverse effects. We had a lovely lady who was confined there for ...

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