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Dawlish News

23 Oct 2014 12:39

Teignbridge District Council and CosyDevon have linked up to offer homeowners or private tenants the opportunity to get a replacement boiler.

As the nights draw in and the evenings get colder all of us will be looking to turn on our heating - if we haven't already. Those of us with ageing boilers dread the day when it eventually breaks down, leaving us with thousands of pounds to find in order to get a new one. Help is at hand though for those most vulnerable this winter.

People claiming certain income related benefits could qualify for a replacement gas boiler from CosyDevon if theirs is broken or not working properly and installed before 2005.

CosyDevon, which is backed by councils across the county including Teignbridge, has 500 'A'-rated replacement gas boilers to give away before the end of the year.

Eligible homeowners will be given a free home energy survey which will check the insulation as well as the heating of their home and will outline the measures they qualify for under the scheme.

David Stevenson, one of CosyDevon's team of energy assessors is out and about across the county this week. He said:

"Everyone deserves a warm cosy home. We all know someone who might struggle to heat their home this winter. Please spread the word, tell them about CosyDevon and help us reach the people who might need help the most. Not only will they have a warm home but they could cut their energy bills by as much as £254 per year with a replacement A rated gas boiler."

He will be taking the CosyDevon van to Open Daw, Dawlish Methodist Church, on Friday 24th October from 10am - 12pm so people can find out more.

CosyDevon is hoping to help thousands of homes have a warm cosy home this winter. The scheme also has special offers on insulation as after all what's the point of having an efficient heating system if all the heat will be going out of the walls and roof!

CosyDevon was developed by Teignbridge District Council, Torbay Council, Exeter City Council, East Devon District Council, Mid Devon District Council, North Devon Council, Torridge District Council, West Devon Borough Council, South Hams District Council and Devon County Council.

The scheme is funded by E.ON through the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO). Applicants do not have to be E.ON customers in order to be eligible for CosyDevon but certain criteria does need to be met in order to qualify.

To apply call 0800 0511 548 or visit CosyDevon. See our offsite links section, to the right of this page linked to below, for details.

23 Oct 2014 23:02

Oh, okay then!

So someone who is not contibuting can get a new boiler whilst those of us paying for it can't afford one?

Great policy - well enjoy your new boiler. I'll just wrap myself in my old sleeping bag and continue to cut logs if I can find them!!!


5 Agrees
24 Oct 2014 11:22

Just because you're claiming some income related benefits doesn't mean you're not working or haven't worked.  Whether they're an elderly person on a reduced income or a care worker not earning a great deal.  Not everyone is a benefits scrounger but hey let's all jump on the bandwagon and vilify people not earning enough to keep themselves warm.  */Waits for abuse/*

5 Agrees
24 Oct 2014 17:30

Every party has promised drastic reductions in the benefits handout, but as soon as they get voted in they forget all about it until the next general election.


I believe that the benefit system is a great idea, if it were run ethically and with competence, but there is little chance of that. For every genuine claim there are many more from those who should never be given the time of day.


There are to many people who deserve benefits that are not able to claim because of the serious abuse that the system has suffered over the decades.


Benefits should be earn't and not a freebie for life.


I've had my old boiler for over 25 years and she works perfectly. Dinner on time, the house spick and span and keeps me warm at night. How could you ask for anymore


2 Agrees
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