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Or calling yourself OurSoul? So does 'disabled' now mean 'terminally ill'? I mean I'm classed as disabled and I work - so do many of thousands of others. You also selectively forgot to mention " The Department for Work and Pensions initially said rumours of the plan, which could affect 300,000 disabled people, were “absolute nonsense”." So just selective reporting by both you ...

20 May 2015

The 'arc' of the graph is purely due to the order the papers are in and is not meant to represent anything else. 'How Huw, especially with his links to the RBL etc, can blithely dismiss this is beyond belief.' 1. My links to the RBL are purely leaning on the bar every 3 months or so. You're a tad out of date on that one. 2. I rely on evidence to make my mind up rather than the ramblings ...

19 May 2015

Enough said:

13 May 2015

Sooo....... Copy....... Paste....... Retire to a safe distance...... ....and comments please.

So just to summarise then: Some of us are ignorant, tribal, unfair, subservient losers who don't give a damn about others? Hmm, the art of debate is being seriously degraded on this site. You need to understand that not all posts that are posted after your post are replies TO YOUR post. Many others have important things to say and they may also be replied to. ....And I am ...

11 May 2015

I think Labour would do even worse than that under PR. There are far more left and centre left parties to split the vote than right and centre right.

10 May 2015

I don't really understand why everyone seems so surprised at this election result. Surely everyone realises that this was an aberration created by what was about to happen in Scotland. The SNP drew 45% of the vote for their independence campaign and that 45% were always going to vote the same way in the GE. At the same time all the pollsters were talking about a slim Labour majority or a ...

10 May 2015

Sorry, just looked at it again. What they are saying is that it took more votes for Labour to elect each of their MPs - Not that Lab got more votes than Cons overall.

10 May 2015

I don't follow: Cons: 11,334,920 votes Lab: 9,347,326 votes Am I missing something?

10 May 2015

Labour had 30.4% of votes; Tories had 36.9%. 'Labour had more votes than Tory'? How so?

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