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The Luscombe Bros or Chris Pattle and his guys - both are v. good.

Have you ever: Been to a fatal traffic accident and then walked up the path to tell the next of kin that their loved one is dead? Have you been confronted by someone with a knife who wants to stab you and you have a gun but your orders prevent you from using it? Have you ever been to the scene of a murder where a machete was used to look for a murder weapon and whilst doing so have to ...

24 Jul 2015

Doesn't surprise me. PTSD is now recognised in the military. How many Police Officers see/experience similar trauma on a weekly basis? Offences get dealt with but this is usually taken into account. I wouldn't want to be an officer these days. The Police Service still has my full support and I can't see anything changing that.

@leatash The State pays - for the minimum level necessary.

20 Jul 2015

Fortunately most housing association properties for older people (i.e. those with any adaptions) will be excluded from Right to Buy. I've thought the same about RTB for other tenants and reckon that it's a similar reason as compulsory work place pensions - both will result in a massive reduction in benefits for older people in not too many years time.

19 Jul 2015

Support costs for older people were ring fenced in the Supporting People budget given by Central Govt to County Councils. Unfortunately, in 2007 (I think) this ring fencing was overlooked. County Councils jumped on this, withdrew all accommodation based support and bunged the cash into the Soc Svcs pot.

Maybe, but I've seen them advertised for as much as £40 per week serviced for a bog standard (excuse the pun) one.

@Woodcock There were no computers when I was at school. Just looking at the posts above and who has and hasn't contributed to the original thread - it's fairly obvoius who is and isn't a 'troll' on here.

17 Jul 2015

How come anyone who disagrees with someone else on this site is then labelled 'a troll'? It's happened to me twice. It's like a school playground sometimes.

16 Jul 2015

ROFL! I want my councils to save money! Or at least not waste it on trivial matters such as whether or not there is a bar at the end of double yellow lines!

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